Tuesday, July 17, 2012

16 July 2012

SO, i dont got alot of time today i always sign on and my mind just goes blank on what to write you guys everyweek. this week we had some troubles with the family padilla his daughter decided she wants to be a catholic and not go to churhc the whole family got super down and i had no idea how to teach this little girl why she does not have to be catholic it was one of the hardest lessons i have taught in my mission, and i realized how stubborn teenagers can be. and how skilled one has to be in order to teach them correctly, so unfortantley my teenager skills are down and the family did not come to church yesterday. so we went in the evening to teach them,and we just decided to teach the papa and wow it was awesome i just felt so much more power and authority, and i knew how to get to his heart, it was a very different teaching situation, and he accepted to be a leadre in his family and guide them to the kingdom of god. But i did learn some thing very important. you cant teach kids with just doctrine you have to go at it in a different direction, i still have no idea how to do it but just a heads up tyler you gotta teach your little boy good things. other tthan that i am doing great i am loving bolivia i am working my butt off, looks like the zone is turning around, transfers are in two weeks i dont know what president is going to de with me, but i would prefer to stay i have a great realation with the area and i know everyone in my area so it is just a matter of time before everyone starts to accept the gospel. love this work stay strong read and pray daily. monday night is sacred. Lve eldder olsn

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